About Oliver P. Killam, Jr.

Oliver Porter Killam, Jr. resided in Boxford, Massachusetts during his early years. In the 1920s Oliver, at the age of seventeen, drove across the United States to see our country with his own eyes. This was no minor feat when one considers the infancy of our highway system and the performance of the cars of that time. Oliver had a zest for life and an insatiable intellectual curiosity which would lead him to explore many avenues in his life time.


Oliver settled in Marblehead, Massachusetts. He was a restauranteur at one point, built furniture for schools and businesses, and bought a beautiful piece of property with 3 houses known as "the hill". Then he discovered the stock market. Oliver had an amazing knack for investment! When he died at the age of 93, Oliver had a fortune and left it, through his private foundation, to be used for scholarships for Marblehead High School students and to the children's room in the Abbot Public Library. Oliver had great respect for education and wanted to help Marblehead students who had both need and ability to realize their four year college dreams.